Black dress and big red roses

IMG_7436Hello guys!

This Sunday I wanted to present you my last finished project. I always wanted a black dress with big red roses and I finally found the fabric which correspond exactly to my desire: lightweight, flowered and soft (this is viscose)! I couldn’t resist and bought 4 meters of it.

Dress nº114 – Burda Style – September 2012

Then I had to find the model that would suit to this texture and I picked up this sewing pattern on Burda style website. It’s a little bit old fashioned but I think that if you wear it with modern accessories it can be super gorgeous.

Then I started my project. First step was to cut the fabric. Hum! I didn’t know in what I was diving to. The viscose is super slippy and it is hard to cut it the right way and it took me a loooot of time. But I managed it and I could start to sew.

Yes, yes! Or almost, the instruction page is for me like an unknown language and hard to understand. I know I choose an intermediate level of difficulty but I didn’t know that the difficulty was to read instructions. Hooops! (I bought a novice level sewing pattern last year and with the scheme and everything it was really really easier to understand). But with my beloved Youtube and my natural intelligence (hinhinhin), I passed the test and finally finished the dress! And now I’m so happy!

I wanted to make it a little bit oversized so I choose to cut it a size up and here is the result (click the pictures, it’s a gallery 🙂 ):

I didn’t make a reportage of every step of the project (I’m sorry, I’m just starting the blog) but if you have questions or have advice for me leave a comment.

Cheers my Dears!



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